The key to life is balance. Sleep is no different.

The balance of body temperature

Outlast® temperature regulating fabric means you won’t be too hot or too cold.Originally developed for NASA, Outlast® intuitively responds to individual body temperature, and utilises phase change materials (PPCM) to absorb, store and release heat to maintain optimal sleeping comfort.

The balance between comfort and support

The luxurious Body Balance memory foam provides excellent pressure relief and comfort. It cradles the curves of your body whilst evenly distributing body weight and alleviating pressure points for a more comfortable sleep.

The balance in any sleep position

Body Balance memory foam individually conforms to your body shape in any sleeping position. This individual contouring results in minimal partner disturbance, and a more restful sleep through the night.

The balance between sleeping and relaxing

Find your ideal position for sleeping or relaxing or even indulge in a soothing massage. Each Body Balance mattress is adjustable base friendly, allowing you to reach your optimal level of comfort whether you’re sleeping or simply relaxing.

Sensitive Choice Approved

Approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program, each Body Balance mattress provides long term protection from dust mites, mildew and bacteria, ensuring a healthier sleep.

Australian Made and Owned

Proudly family owned since 1899,
A.H. Beard has been pioneering innovative sleep solutions for five generations. All our beds are made in Australia by a passionate team committed to making mattresses that ensure you get a great night’s sleep, night after night.

15 Year Guarantee

Drawing on five generations of bed making experience, we know the engineering that goes into every Body Balance mattress is second to none. That’s why each one is backed by a 15 Year Guarantee.

Choose your mattress

Designed for balanced support and comfort, featuring Outlast® temperature regulating material. Body Balance memory foam cradles the curves of your body and alleviates pressure points that can cause tossing and turning.

Designed for increased support and comfort, featuring Outlast temperature regulating material, Body Balance memory foam evenly distributes body weight and helps minimise partner disturbance.

Premium support and comfort featuring Outlast® temperature regulating material for the balance in any sleeping position, and minimal partner disturbance.

Choose your size

Australian Mattress Sizes


915 x 1880

Long Single

915 x 2030

King Single

1070 x 2030


1370 x 1880


1530 x 2030


1830 x 2030

Split King

1830 x 2030

Super King

2030 x 2030

Choose your pillow

Pair your new Body Balance mattress with one of our specially designed Body Balance memory foam pillows. Designed to provide you with the cooling comfort of Outlast® technology combined with the support that you need for a restful night’s sleep

Body Balance mattresses are available exclusively at Harvey Norman stores.

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